The Fairy Collection
The Fairy Gallery and Shop are open for all to enjoy. The Gallery houses the Fairy Castle which is in  1:12 scale, and when completed will be a miniature lovers dream. 

The Fairies, which were all handmade by Margaret and Sandra, are from the exhibition started in 1982, put together with all other exhibitions which have travelled around the world, and are finally home in the Gallery show cases. 

The Shop is filled with Fairy goodies for all ages, from Fairy pencils to baby sleeping Fairies for your garden (only sold with adoption papers) and Fairy jewellery. This is something not to be missed.

In the fairy garden, each house has been designed around an indigenous plant. For example the Arum Lily House and the Pigs Ear Cotyledon House.


FAIRY OPEN DAY 9:30 TO 11:30  3rd  May 2014

Fairies, elves and pixies come and enjoy a fun filled day with us painting, decorating and planting fairy pots to take home with you. Iced Tea and cupcakes will be serves while you create but be sure to book your place. Starts at 9:30am!

Moms, dads, family and friends all welcome on this special day (Especially grownup fairies!) 

Teas and lunches will be served all day at the restaurant. The shop, Nursery, Chapel and fairy gallery will be open for you to enjoy. Donít forget to dress in your best fairy attire. (R120 Per child participating)



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